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About Alwusool



ALWUSOOL company is a specialized Iraqi company in the majority of database system solutions that provids pre-made, ready to use products and costum made products, the company established by high experience and competence programmers who are certified in defferent areas of information technology such as design and manage databases, servers administration, developing web programms useing modern technology, building applications useing .NET technology and other. The company work focus on the development and enhancement of information processing system and being helpful to our customers in ambrace the modern technology, our goal is to provide systems guarantees the flexable and easy to use result. to download the company CV Click here

Our Company adapte the newest world wide technologies in the field of Database and Database application, to create a solid database of hand, and keep pace with progress in the field of information technology on the other hand


Our company provides deferent types of software products weather it was for governmental agencies or private sector, also we provide custom application as the clint desires, and our products are characterized with its high security and cutting edge technology to meet all the requirements of the customers.


Our company provides a variety of services that meet the needs of many users, some of which are specialized in aspect of the Programming and building database systems, others handles consultancy studies that we offer to supplement the vital projects, Or else educational, which specialized in training courses in various fields of information technology and other services